How much does your product cost?

Please contact us and we'll be in touch to determine an appropriate package that will match your needs!

How will you connect your IoT device to our machines?

The IoT device is attached in parallel to existing sensors in your machines. No cable-cutting is required, and the device will not interrupt or interfere with your machine processes.

Will the device be able to control our machines?

No. Our devices will not be able to control the machines - it only extracts data from them. Control is disabled to avoid interference with equipment operations and eliminate risks of industrial hazards.

How are you different from other machine monitoring softwares?

Our product is an end-to-end solution that involves both hardware and software, giving you remote real-time monitoring of the shop floor. It is also able to identify bottlenecks in the production line. Our set-up is fast and takes only a few minutes.

Do you install new sensors?

90% of the time, we do not install new sensors. Instead, we connect our device to existing sensors in your machine. Additional sensors will only be installed if required by your organisation or machine

Can we set triggers or alarms only when something serious has gone wrong with the machines?

Yes. You can either determine the thresholds based on your past experiences or let our pattern recognition technology identify these thresholds for you. You are also able to customise the notifications to be sent to different levels of the organisation depending on the severity of the issue!

Do your devices run on battery?

No. They will be powered by your machines.

What type of machines can your device be installed on?

Our product is universal. It can integrate with machines across different industry segments (F&B, chemical, utility, PE), as well as both new and old machines. For example, we have installed our device onto a high-speed-mixer that is 20+ years old and this machine doesn’t even have a PLC.


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